Test Your Players With FirstDown PlayBook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 27, 2024
FirstDown PlayBook Program Management System

Other than watching your players execute their assignments at practice or in a walk through, the best way we know to test your players is to have them draw their assignments for you. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to get every play or defense repped in practice or even a walk through. Same goes for getting your backups enough reps during the week.

As a coach, this is when you are looking for ways to get those extra and crucial mental reps. This is one of the less known advantages of coaching with FirstDown PlayBook. It is only natural to use the same coaching tool you taught with, to test with. This means offense, defense and special teams.

FirstDown PlayBook Has Made It Very Easy To Test What Your Players Know

The great thing is that it is not complicated to test your players with FirstDown PlayBook. We have worked hard to provide a football playbook that is flexible. As you will see in this video, the coach controls who can see which playbooks. That’s not all.

The coach also controls who can edit any playbook. So as you go through your game week teaching with FirstDown PlayBook, you have a natural testing tool near the end of the week. You can simply duplicate your plays, defenses or playbooks. Remove the drawing assignments and have your players show you that they know what to do.

Here’s the last thing before you watch this short video. This is easily accomplished by you, the coach. You can test your players simply by giving your players permission to edit the test playbook. When you do this, you meet the players where they live, at the intersection of football and technology. Take a look at how easy we have made it.

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