Basketball Season Means FastBreak PlayBook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 28, 2023

In January of 2011, FirstDown PlayBook was launched as an affordable coaching tool to help football coaches at all levels. Twelve successful years later have allowed us to expand our scope to help basketball coaches too. FastBreak PlayBook has been out in beta for almost a year now.

Here at PlayBook Tech, we are very excited about the 2023-2024 basketball season. Over the past year, we have continued to develop and improve FastBreak PlayBook. These improvements have been based primarily on the input of basketball coaches. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it football coaches?

Simply put, basketball coaches have asked for some of the same things our football coaches have. They have asked for a database of plays broken down by categories. Categories include set plays, press breakers, sideline out-of-bounds and baseline out-of-bounds plays, among others. That’s why we have over 600 plays in our database of plays.

FastBreak PlayBook Is Custom Made For Basketball Coaches At All Levels

FastBreak PlayBook Basketball coaches can edit these plays just like our football coaches can in FirstDown PlayBook. They can also draw their own personalized plays while organizing all of this in customized playbooks for their team.

Practice plans, video pairing and the ability to create detailed scouting reports are all a part of FastBreak PlayBook too. The important thing to understand is that all of this is there if you need or want it, but not in your way if you don’t.

Once again, we followed our proven method of making sure that this basketball coaching tool works for coaches at all levels. If you have younger players, there are plenty of drills, and basic plays that can help you from your very first practice. All of the FastBreak PlayBook instructional help comes from coaches who have played or coached at the professional level too.

Before we wrap this up, we want to point out one last very important thing that is the same with FastBreak PlayBook and FirstDown PlayBook. You can take a free trial with no obligation and no credit card needed. As November is staring us straight in the eyes, let’s get started today with FastBreak PlayBook and your basketball season.

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