Offensive Line: See Rotation For Protection

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 24, 2024

Coaches talk a lot about Quarterbacks seeing safety rotation. What about your other ten players? There are many decisions being made by the quarterback pre-snap in a football game. There are even more after the snap these days. This is why it is important for your offensive line to understand the defensive structure as well.

The offensive line must be your most cohesive group on the field. Sorry, other position groups. This is just a fact. The ability for these five individuals to communicate pre and post snap is critical. Good offensive line coaches spend time teaching defense to their position group.

Technique is important and it always will be. However, if your line understands defensive structure, it’s like having a cheat sheet as you take a test. To make this even more relevant, some defenses will not even understand the clues they give your offensive line.

Careful video study will often reveal a secondary player who gives the defense away. You will find a safety who is so worried about getting to the coverage assignment that they give away the defensive pressure. The poor linebacker has no idea that his buddy behind him has exposed his intentions after the ball is snapped.

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FirstDown PlayBook has prepared a video for you explaining this. You will see why it is more important than ever for your offensive line to see what’s going on in the back end. Tap on the play drawing to learn more.


Harlod Goodwin