NFL Flag I Bone RPO’s & More

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 21, 2023
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There’s an old adage in football that goes “If you can’t block them, read them.” When it comes to NFL Flag football, some leagues do not even allow blocking, so we like to say “If you can’t block them, confuse them. The new FirstDown PlayBook flag football I-Bone RPO’s fit the bill perfectly for this plan.

Hats off to the NFL Flag folks who have this formation on their website. As we have been drawing up 5v5 flag football plays from various places, we have obviously looked at what they have to offer there. We loved the I-Bone formation (They call it stack) but we wanted to do some different things out of this formation. Of course the big difference in our flag football plays is you can quickly edit them for your playbooks and wristband sheets.

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They had all drop back passes from this formation. To us, it is the perfect formation to run flag football RPO’s. Flag football RPO’s are different than tackle football RPO’s. You are not necessarily reading a defender with a flag football RPO. You are just giving your quarterback the liberty to execute a running play or a passing play. This can help a young 5v5 flag football quarterback by not having them pass the ball every snap.

The 5v5 Flag Football I-Bone Formation Creates Misdirection

This often comes in the form of a boot action but almost always involves misdirection with your flag football players. Flag football RPO’s create confusion with a defense as they question where the ball is and where it is going. Any time you create confusion, you also create defensive players who play slower. When this happens your one on one matchups become more effective in the pass game too.

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So as you will see in this short video. When the ball is snapped the flag football I-Bone formation gives you a chance to create misdirection just by the nature of the offensive alignment. Once the players all break out from the I-Bone, the defense has to find their responsibility quickly. The defense also has to not get picked or rubbed.

Keep in mind that the flag football I-Bone RPO you see here is just one of several that will be waiting for you if you are a FirstDown PlayBook member. We offer you football drills, practice schedule help and much more. Let’s get busy!

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