Edit Your NFL Flag Plays For Wristbands

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 29, 2022

So you are all fired up to coach your NFL Flag football team. Your daughter or son are playing so you think, this is a win win! Time with my kids and I get to coach a little. About one week before you start practicing you realize this. I need to create plays, a playbook and wristband sheets for my NFL Flag team.

First you have to find plays. Not just any plays, you need NFL Flag regulation plays. Ok, surely they provide you with some plays. You find that yes they do but it’s the same 10 plays that they provide everyone from Seattle to Miami.

Well, I will edit these plays to fit my squad. That shouldn’t be too hard right? Well the first thing you learn is that you cannot edit these plays and so it’s back to the internet you go. After all, you have two issues you need to tackle.

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To Create Your NFL Flag Plays & Wristband Sheets Easier

You not only need to print your create your plays for your NFL Flag playbook, you also need someway to communicate with your team on the field. After all, it’s just going to be you and one other parent out there. Yes you need wristband sheets too!

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The wristbands themselves are pretty easy to find. However, creating and printing the actual wristband sheets leads you right back to your same plays and playbook problem. You need a way to create these wristband sheets.

Look, before we go any further. Relax. We are taking you through this mental drill because we have been there before. Simply put, FirstDown PlayBook has solved all of your NFL Flag plays, PlayBook and wristband sheet problems. Watch the short video above and get back to enjoying coaching your NFL Flag team.