Football Drills Now Live On FirstDown PlayBook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 10, 2022
USA Football & FirstDown PlayBook

Football drills are now live on FirstDown PlayBook. This is an important early step for you, the coach and FirstDown PlayBook. We have always known we would have football drills as part of your curriculum. It was just a matter of the installation progression.

There are some important things to know about the new Position Drills section. We will detail them out below. One note before that though. This will be a fluid installation like many things are with FirstDown PlayBook. We will be growing over time.

1. Position Drills Are Just That…Drills

FirstDown PlayBook is introducing this like we have everything else. From the bottom up. The focus here will be on drills that improve a young player’s footwork. Football is played from the ground up. You can begin to develop young players from the feet up and we believe that this is the correct way.

This means quarterbacks too because every position needs to have good footwork. There are young players who get to the college level who have never been drilled on footwork. This is why our initial focus will be on football drills that make a young player better. Playing with a good base and change of direction will be a focus. .

2. These Are Football Drills To Do Every Practice

There are football drills that need to be repeated every day like you brushing your teeth. These are the position drills you will find here. As a 30 year football coach who coached every position, these drills are fixtures. This gives your young player a chance to practice and repeat the needed skills every day in practice.

More Drills In FirstDown PlayBook From The Chargers’ Grayson!

Every one of these football drills will have detailed instructions on how to organize them. Things like equipment that you need and how to set the drill up are covered. Every position drill in this football playbook section is designed to make the players better at a skill required to play that position.

Football Drills

3. Yes, Technique Is Next

Video will be a big part of what FirstDown PlayBook does in 2023. Basically, technique is as important to coaching your young players as drills are. As we grow this section, we will begin to include technique videos.

Let’s face it, technique videos are as much for the coach as they are the player in youth football. It’s hard to take a video to practice or get a 10 year old to sit down and watch it for that matter. Because of this, we have started here with drills first. Youth football coaches can actually print these football drills off for practice making it easy to get the drill set up properly.

Alphonse Falco Youth Football Coach