New NFL Flag Formation: Bunch Stack Install

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 26, 2022
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A good receiver understands that one of the best tools they have in their bag is the ability to release off the line of scrimmage. If they are really good at it they can actually get open at the line of scrimmage. Think Cooper Cupp and the other great slot receivers over the years. When you get three receivers in close proximity who can release it is even more powerful. This is exactly what our new 5v5 NFL Flag Bunch Stack install gives you.

This new Bunch Stack install is similar to our normal 2 player stack formation. It is heavily predicated on all three receivers getting off the ball. This formation is similar to the normal Bunch formation but the receivers align one behind another. The releases must be executed well to get into their routes in a hurry. If this happens, trust us when we say that the defense has their hands full with this formation. It’s hard to even get lined up against it if you are playing man coverage. Most NFL Flag 5v5 defenses play man coverage exclusively.

The ability fo the defense to take away the inside on all routes is lessened because it’s not clear where the three receivers are going. By the time the defenders sort it out, it is too late. There is also the advantage that comes with bodies getting in the way of other bodies. Let’s face it. If the receiver in front of you releases with authority it’s going to affect the defender covering them and you.

This New NFL Flag Regulation Bunch Stack Install is Good For Adult Flag Players Too

Another great thing about this formation is that you can adjust the split to your level of flag football. If you are coaching a young NFL Flag 5v5 offense then you might want to pull the three receivers in closer to the center. This way it’s all happening where a young quarterback and see it and make the throws. This close split will allow you to run jet sweeps too.

On the other hand, if you are playing on an adult flag team you can split your Bunch Stack out more. This gives your receivers a lot more field to work with once they get into their routes. More space equates into more space to get open vs man coverage. We emphasize this a lot in the FirstDown PlayBook Adult Flag Football section.

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The short video below will take you through one of the plays we have drawn up in this new 5v5 flag football Bunch Stack install. You can find this play and others by going to the 5v5 flag football area or by checking in with the “New Plays Installs” area in Coaching Tools.

Eric Crouch