Introducing FirstDown PlayBook Coaching Tools

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 21, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook is adding Coaching Tools to your “Find a Play” area on the website. We are going to be filling you in with much more about this over the course of 2021. We just wanted to point it out to those of you who are becoming accustomed to the “Find a Play” dashboard.

Coaching Tools is an area that will open up many areas for you and us on FirstDown PlayBook. This area will be used to branch out into tools that you need as a coach. We are now offering an area where you go to for offensive templates as well a defensive templates.

Templates & Stencils

This is going to eventually lead into stencils that you can either drag and drop onto your drawings or just click a button to place them on your drawings. The ability to duplicate your plays has taken on a lot of this functionality. However, stencils and templates will just be icing on the cake.

Fundamentals & Technique

“Fundamentals and Techniques” is another area that we have been asked about repeatedly over the past decade. It’s time has come. This is such a powerful addition that we will give it its own spot on the left handed dashboard. “Clinics and Research” will also live on the dashboard as we begin to provide virtual clinics. Research articles for coaches at all levels will also live here.

Great Teachers Are Detailed Teachers

Finally, we have needed an area where we could categorize special drawings that we do like your All 22 Tuesday drawings. We will immediately begin to file these drawings (and others) the Coaching Tools section under “Featured Teams”. If you want to see anything we have drawn up from the Steelers or the Crimson Tide, this is your spot to go find it.

Featured X & O’s will live directly under that in Coaching Tools. There is a lot of content out there on the internet and elsewhere. Some of it is good and some of it is bad. When we see something that is good, FirstDown PlayBook will draw it up for you so. This way you will have it in an editable format if you want to use it for your team!

Tired yet? Yes, it’s a lot to digest but we don’t sit still very well here at FirstDown PlayBook. We will be keeping you updated as we polish up all of these areas but for now take a look at this video to learn more about FirstDown PlayBook Coaching Tools!