Ways To Disguise Your Flag Football Coverage

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 5, 2022
Official PlayBook of NAIA Women's Flag Football

The limitations are obvious when it comes to the number of things you can do with your youth flag football defense, particularly when you only have five defenders. There’s one to rush the passer and four more that normally play man coverage. The flag football coverage you normally see will be obvious even before the ball is snapped.

If you decide that zone coverage is your flavor of the day then those remaining four defenders will need to be creative as they try to defend the normal five underneath zones and the three deep zones. After all, the field doesn’t change a whole lot just because there are only five players per side. The sidelines are closer but there is still a lot of field for your flag football coverage to negotiate.

Still, there are ways to play zone defense that give you a change up from time to time. It’s important, however, that the youth flag football defensive coach has read the same book that the offensive coach has on keeping it very simple. After all, there are only so many ways to play zone coverage with 4 or 5 defenders.

In today’s video we take you through a few ways to mix in a little zone in with your flag football coverage. These are ways that disguise it right up until the ball is snapped. Even if you only use the zone version as a changeup it can help. Your opponent will be just a little more hesitant as they operate their offense.

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