Millard South HS (NE) Slow Screen Execution

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 28, 2021

As an offensive football coach your job is to get your best players in space with the ball in their hands. That is exactly what Andy Means and the Millard South HS coaches did on this well executed slow screen. This football play ends up going the distance for six points and it should have.

There will be some who watch this video clip and say “Well heck coach, the back made multiple people miss on this play!” To you, I would respond “Yep, that’s what he supposed to do. if he can’t then you better get another back.” Once again, the coaches got him in space. If he’s a good back then he should score.

You won’t see many slow screens in high school football. Why? Because they are hard to coach and even harder to execute. Screens are a lot like coaching kickoff returns except harder. You are coaching players to normally block a better athlete in space. That is hard, especially when you are talking about offense linemen. Most high school coordinators would rather slow a hitch screen and call it a day.

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The Millard South HS coaches dialed this up at just the right time as defense had a five man pressure called. This meant that the quarterback was going to have to give ground as he threw the ball. The weak side linebacker is unblocked. Learn more about effective screen pass coaching here.

The quarterback does a good job of delivering an easy to handle ball to the back. This is important because that back normally has his back to the defense. The play side linemen do a good job of getting out into the screen. Sometimes your linemen don’t even have to block a defender. Their mere body presence is enough. Especially if your back can get north south in a hurry.

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You will see on the video clip that the number three receiver pins the Mike linebacker. We highlighted the play side linemen so you can see the assignments. The Center turns back for any trail defenders. The other play side linemen do a good job of being aggressive and not just standing in the way. The running back does his magic and the Millard South HS coaches now have a play that they can teach off of going forward!