Your Team Is A FirstDown PlayBook Featured Team

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 2, 2021

You can now likely find your favorite team on FirstDown PlayBook’s Featured Teams! One of our more fun and educational special features that we have offered here at FirstDown PlayBook over the past several years has been All 22 Tuesday.

We are excited to let you know that we are taking it a step further for you. Now you will be able to go directly to the team you are looking for on FirstDown PlayBook.

This allow you to still keep up with the All 22 plays that we do for your favorite team. It will also allow you to go study a team or coaching staff who you want to learn from. This is something we have thought a lot about here at FirstDown PlayBook.

This will obviously include teams from the NFL but there is more to it than that. We will also continue to feature teams from the college game. These plays are often times their style of game is more similar to yours than the NFL. We realize as much fun as this segment is there still needs to be an educational value as well.

This is the new part. We will also begin featuring the prep teams that have good video out there. The quality of the video has been so poor in the past that this made it hard. It’s still a challenge and we may not be able to provide the player numbers. However, you will still get great value from these plays that we study.

Now, let’s watch this short video to learn how you can find the play you are looking for on FirstDown PlayBook’s Featured Team section!