Get Your Special Teams Help In Seconds

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 23, 2021

The Special Teams phase of football is dear to our hearts here at FirstDown PlayBook. Trust us, the special teams help you will find here kept us off the street many times in our thirty odd years of college and NFL coaching.

This is what we are so excited to show you how was it is for you to get to the FirstDown PlayBook special teams section on the new website. It’s pretty dang simple. You just choose Special Teams in the Phase filter to get started.

After that you choose the Special Teams phase you are looking for. We have it broken down into eight categories:

  1. Kickoff
  2. Kickoff Return
  3. Spread Punt (NFL Style)
  4. Shield Punt
  5. Punt Return vs Spread
  6. Punt Return vs Shield
  7. PAT/Field Goal
  8. Pat/Field Goal Defense

The next step is where we have done a much better job getting you to what you need. At this point you can break your special teams help search down into these four areas:

  1. Scheme
  2. Technique
  3. Specials (Fakes, Onside kicks etc)
  4. All 22 (interesting plays from college and NFL football)

The scheme section is designed to provide well drawn special teams help designed by NFL coaches that you can edit to fit your situation. They are all drawn up on a long field so that plays like kickoff can have the proper space relationships. You can also choose a high school, college or NFL field background.

How To Get Started With Your Punt Return Unit

The technique area is where we break down techniques for that specific special teams phase. This is a huge coaching aid for young special trams coaches as they begin practice planning.

Finally the last two areas are not only informative but also fun. The Specials area is where you can go find the odd ball plays like fakes and trick plays. The All 22 section is where draw up all 22 players from an NFL or college football game that jumps out at us.

Thus short video explains how you can get to more special teams help than you have ever seen in one place!