Special Teams Kickoff Coverage Tips

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 26, 2023
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If you have ever watched a football game on television with a veteran football coach and you are not a coach it can sometimes seem like you’re looking at different things. This is why football is such a great game. If you just want to follow the ball like 98% of the people do then it’s still fun to watch. Special teams plays like kickoff coverage are a prime example.

It’s only natural for someone who has coached the game for two or three decades to see that there are a lot of parts making up the complete play that unfolds. Special teams plays are spread out across the entire field in many cases. This makes it hard for fans to see the scheme and strategy.

Young coaches can struggle with this too. When young coaches first start coaching they normally are learning how to become an “expert” at their position. They are still to some degree a fan who likes to watch the ball as a play unfolds. Often, the first opportunity a young coach gets to be in charge of the big picture, meaning all eleven players on one side of the ball, is when he gets put in charge of a special teams phase.

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This can be pretty daunting for several reasons. First, a lot of big plays happen on special teams. Many a seasoned veteran has exposed a young special teams coach as they learn the ropes. Another reason that special teams can be a hard way to get your coordinator title is that these plays are big field plays. It is hard to coach eleven guys who are scattered everywhere on the football field.

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The best way to teach something that seems to be somewhat overwhelming is to break it down into parts. That’s exactly what we do today for you in this video. We detail some of the coaching points for teaching your Kickoff coverage unit. If you find this helpful, remember that you can find the FirstDown PlayBook special teams clinics here.

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