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By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 18, 2022
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As you near the midway point or end of your football season, we have a question for you. Have you spent more time with your players or kids this season or have you spent more time on your computer? The idea is to spend MORE time with your kids, not less. What kids are we talking about? Well, it might be your high school players but it could also be your actual children on your youth or flag football team.

All coaching jobs are unique to the situation, but any football coach who has coached any length of time understands that time is the number one coaching challenge. The ironic thing about it is that this problem is no different for you if you are a busy mom or dad. In fact we would argue that your time is in more demand because you have an actual job that has nothing to do with coaching football.

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How many of you have volunteered to coach a youth or flag football team so that you could spend more time with your players? Soon you find that you are spending all of your nights drawing plays for your kids’ team? So much that it eats into your family time at home too! Makes no sense, right?

Time With Your Players Is Critical Regardless Of Your level Of Football

FirstDown PlayBook gets it. When they put “Coach” in front of your name its a big deal. The time you spend with your players or your “kids” is priceless. This time of the year there are busy parents who are scouring the internet looking for well drawn flag football plays or youth football plays. We recommend that you to go spend time with your kids and leave the play drawing to us. After all, you will find more youth football help here than anywhere on the planet.

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We have already done most of the work for you. It doesn’t stop with editable plays from NFL coaches with coaching pointe either. Now you can create wristband sheets right on FirstDown PlayBook too! Coaches can also easily create practice plans to keep your team organized. So regardless of if you want help right now or next season, keep the FirstDown PlayBook link close at hand when you need it next.

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