Football Coaching Job Season In Full Swing

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 22, 2021

Most football coaches change jobs at some point. The football coaching job season is as much a part of the media focus these days as the actual season. Or at least it seems like it when you see the media coverage. Keep in mind that the season is NOT over. Although we don’t enjoy the coaching carousel as much as we probably did when we were younger, we understand it.

At the college and pro level, the coaching salaries almost demand that the coach needs to win and win now. If that does not happen then a change will be made regardless of if it is the correct football decision. Please keep in mind that most of these athletic directors have never coached a second in their life.

The decisions they make are normally based on revenue, booster support and even fan input on things like social media. Athletic directors and Presidents also understand that if they don’t get the football fixed, they are out of a job too.

The high school level brings a different set of challenges. Unless you are in Texas (and not everywhere there) you are not making a big salary. At the high school level it mostly gets down to the support that a coach will receive. Things like facilities, coaching staff and general community backing often come into play. Make no mistake though, every program thinks they are doing enough to win. The responsibility will fall squarely on the coach’s shoulders if the team is not successful.

The Football Coaching Job Season Is Inevitable. Are You Prepared?

So football coaches have to do a good job this time of year at balancing their commitment to their school or program with the other opportunities out there. If you have been fired then that decision has been made for you and you have to be looking for a job. The coaches at FirstDown PlayBook have been in both of these situations way too many times.

FirstDown PlayBook does everything we can to make sure that any job change you make is as seamless as possible. We understand that rule number one, when it comes to coaches and their playbook work, is to never let that work get lost. No coach ever likes it when they have to do the same drawings over because the first ones got lost.

If you have purchased a FirstDown PlayBook subscription, your work goes with you when you change jobs. It’s as easy as letting us know the new email address and we handle it from there. Your plays and playbooks can be transferred over immediately. So even though we can’t do anything to change the volatility and sometimes mindless football coaching job season, we can help you to make sure all of your work stays with you regardless of the situation.