Eagles Jet Sweep Freezes Chiefs’ Linemen

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 21, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday

When the Eagles hit the Chiefs with a big play on this All 22 Tuesday jet sweep last night it bought back memories. Memories of back in the early 2000’s when someone in an NFL offensive staff room said “Hey, if you run this jet sweep fast enough and precise enough, I don’t think the defensive end will ever recognize it until it’s too late.”

Full disclosure, I was initially one of the doubters. However, there were other more seasoned coaches than me who were livid. They declared “You are gonna get that jet runner hurt if you block the play like that.” The “like that” they were referring to was to essentially not block the defensive end or the 3 technique. When I say this I mean the PLAY SIDE end and 3 technique.

That seems like a million years ago, but it’s still fascinating to see it work like it did last night. Keep in mind this is against a very well coached defensive line and defense in general. Steve Spagnuolo and Joe Cullen are the elite of the NFL.

The Eagles Jet Sweep Is What More Flag Football Offenses Should Be Running

What has been learned over the years is that if the jet sweep is run precisely and at high speed, the defensive linemen will never react fast enough. Sure there might be a chip block by the play side linemen where they nudge the defensive lineman. Only enough to make it look like a block, but not much more than that.

The last point I want to make is to you flag football coaches out there. We have been trying to pound this very notion into the heads of some of the adult flag football offenses out there. We say some, because not all flag football leagues allow motion. The ones that do should take note of this play.

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If the Philadelphia Eagles do not have to block the Kansas City Chiefs on a jet sweep then your flag football team can use the same scheme. Flag football blocking is pretty mythical anyway. This gives you perimeter run that will leave the defense as flat footed as the Chief’s defensive linemen were on this All 22 Tuesday play. Let’s take a look.

Rod Wheeler