Flag Football Fade Ball With Options

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 1, 2023

We are sure to get some push back on this one but the fade ball can be one of the easiest throws to teach a young flag football player. It’s the same when it comes to any version of youth football. NFL Flag football plays can include a fade route.

But wait a minute coach. Aren’t you the same person who says that the fade is overused at the NFL and college levels and is very hard to complete? Yep, that would be us. Here’s the difference…the DB’s.

At a higher level of football the defensive backs just play the football in the air so much better than younger players. When you are coaching younger players the receiver has a distinct advantage on the fade ball. Also smart coaches give their quarterback a second option if the shot is covered.

Start Them Deep & Then Break Off The Angle For Huge RAC Yards

On flag football plays like this one the quarterback has room for error. The quarterback does not need to feel like they have to put the ball in a precise location. If the quarterback can put the ball in play then there is a good chance that the receiver will win this battle. This is especially true if your receiver has a height advantage.

We are a big fan of today’s flag football play because it gives you a shot to a fade ball to either side. The icing on the cake is that if the quarterback doesn’t like either shot you have a very safe and completable out/stick route in the slots.

In this video you will see how a young quarterback does not need to throw the ball down the field 30 yards to complete a go route or a fade route. We are sure that some of you coaching flag football will be interested in how to create explosive vertical shots with a young quarterback.

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