Take A Flag Football Pass Shot But…

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 14, 2023
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Today’s 5v5 flag football pass shot is a good example of how you can coach your young quarterback on how to push the ball down the field. This is hard to do with a young quarterback.

What’s a shot? It’s when you stretch the field vertically and throw the ball down the field. You are taking a “shot” at a big play but you are risking getting your quarterback sacked in the process.

When it comes to a young flag football quarterback the arm strength is often just not there yet. This is why the “shot” play often has to be designed so that the ball is up and out quickly.

Flag Football Plays On A Flag Football Field

You as the coach, and your quarterback, should not be offended by this because it is actually how it happens in the NFL passing game as well. Most explosive vertical plays result in the receiver winning in the first 15-20 yards.

Quarterbacks have made many a flag football play by throwing the “deep ball” with a one or three step drop. Today we are highlighting this 5v5 flag play that pushes the ball down the field with a corner route. The great thing about it is that there are short answers as well.

8 Powerful 5v5 Flag Football Formations

Most of you coaching in an NFL 5v5 flag football league, therefore your rules do not allow blocking. Your quarterback protection comes in the form of your route concepts and where to go with the ball. This short video covers a good example of a flag football play we think you will want to include this fall.

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