Flag Football Concepts From Multiple Formations

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 22, 2022

Any of FirstDown PlayBooks’ flag football coaches know that there are some flag football concepts that show up in multiple formations. The reason is simple. Your approach with concepts should be the same as any football coach. First find passing game concepts that you do well. After that find as many ways as possible to run them.

One of the worst things that can happen to a flag football offense is that you find your team playing slow. Much of the time your players are playing slow because they are thinking instead of executing.

This is why you want to find a way to incorporate the same flag football concepts into your passing game from different formations. The first person to thank you will be your quarterback.

When you run a passing game concept over and over the quarterback begins to think of the routes as spots. He or she knows that regardless of the formation, the receivers are going to be in these two or three spots. So regardless of if you run the play from Twins or Trips formation, the quarterback looks for the same thing.

Versions Of A Slant Flat Flag Football Concept

The diagram shows you one simple example of ways to throw a slant flat. There are obviously many other ways to throw this flag football concept. Your quarterback knows that there will be a target in the flat and one that is slanting into the curl area. The rest is window dressing unless you choose to have your quarterback look to the other side.

Your receivers will understand your flag football concepts better if you approach it this way too. They will begin to understand the play as opposed to just running routes. They still get to run a variety of routes, which keeps it interesting for them. You will also see a boost of confidence when you remove the confusion from the mix.

Bigger Better Flag Football Wristsheets

Now before we get on up out of here, we know some of you are saying…well the defense is going to know what we are running if we don’t have enough plays. We seriously doubt it. NFL teams do this very thing week in and week out. You will see the same pass game concepts disguised with “window dressing” every Sunday. This week Tyreek Hill runs the slant, next week it’s Kelce. In case you are wondering, it helps them play faster too.