Bigger & Better Flag Football Wristband Sheets

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 11, 2022

Job number one when you are coaching young flag football players is to keep their attention. This is much easier said than done. If you are going to give your kids a visual to learn from, it better be big and colorful. Flag football wristband sheets are an excellent way to teach your players but there are some challenges.

Let’s face it, your players have small arms. There is only so much real estate to work with for a wristband sheet. Every little bit of space matters. FirstDown PlayBook has been working hand in hand with youth flag football coaches now for five years. We have heard you.

There are two significant improvements to the FirstDown PlayBook wristband sheet area…

We Have Added a Bigger Player Size Just For Flag Football Wristband Sheets

This one is pretty straightforward. FirstDown PlayBook has created a larger player size. We have listened to you, the youth flag football coach. You can now make your flag football drawings with super sized players. This is going to be beneficial with your flag football playbooks and with your wristband sheets.

You Can Now Expand The Size Of Your Drawings

Sometimes it is not necessarily the size of the players on the drawing that is a problem. Instead, it is the amount of wasted space on the perimeter of your drawing. Not any more. FirstDown PlayBook now allows you to zoom in on your drawing. This way there is no wasted space. You are using the entire canvas to create your big and colorful plays and wristband sheets.

One last thing before you jump on this short helpful video. We want to point out that these new features will not only help youth flag football coaches. Far from it. The high school girls and college women will be excited to know that this helps you too. Your coaches can now draw plays on an NFL Flag proportioned field. Yes adult flag football players this means you too.