3 Things Slowing Down Your Flag Football Offense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 14, 2021

You want your flag football offense to play fast. Now before you stop reading, we understand that your team speed is what it is. We also understand that every coach stresses effort and hustle. (at least you should).

Today we want to look at three things that you might be doing that are actually making your flag football team play slower. These three things can creep into the young minds that you are coaching.

Players Not Knowing Assignments

Most players will tip toe through a play hoping that they are right or hoping that they are not exposed for not knowing their assignments. It’s not always their fault that they do not know what to do. It is often the case that the flag football offense you are trying to run is too big.

As a coach it is your job to find out how much your team can handle. It is also your job to understand the best ways to teach them. Anyone can yell at the kid. A good coach will find out how to teach him.

Don’t Try To Always Have The Perfect Play or Defense

We as coaches look for the perfect answer to every defense or offense. Let’s face it. Sometimes the opposition makes a call that is perfect for what you have dialed up. It happens. No big deal. Let it go and move on.

Defensive coaches are guilty here too. You want to have an adjustment for everything the offense “could” do. If you are smart you will prepare for what they do the most and have one check for anything different from that. Your players will end up making you right more often than not if they are playing fast.

Teach Your Players Not To Worry About The Ball

If you are not careful your young players will become spectators watching who has the ball. Spectators do not play fast. You must teach your players that the ball will find them only if they play fast.

A great way to install a play like we have below is to install it without a ball. Run the play over and over without the ball. All of your emphasis should be on how fast they are playing. Only implement the ball when everyone understand the speed that they should be playing to make the play work.

Take a look at this flag football offense play that has a lot of moving parts. It is very hard for any defense to cover, regardless of age, if the offense plays fast.