Charlie Coiner Featured on Coach And Coordinator Podcast

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 19, 2023

FirstDown PlayBook Founder Charlie Coiner was recently featured on the Coach And Coordinator podcast. The focus was on special teams. Most of you know about Keith Grabowski and how he has been providing you with informative and useful football content for awhile now.

Charlie has been on the podcast a time or two and the latest visit centered around managing your special teams late in the season. It’s a really good topic that 90% of young special teams coaches never consider until it is too late.

What we mean by “too late” is when you get to game nine, ten or even the playoffs and realize you have a problem. Most of the time it’s a special teams problem you could have predicted and avoided if you prepared ahead of time.

Whenever we get the opportunity to talk about special teams to high school or college coaches we always like to treat it like we are talking to the head coach. In the NFL there is going to be a special teams coordinator that is 100% more qualified and focused on special teams than the head coach. (Unless you coach for the Baltimore Ravens and John Harbaugh is your boss).

Charlie Coiner, Bobby April, and Brett Arkelian share important considerations for personnel management, practice workload, and maintaining positive morale during the last weeks of the regular season and into the playoffs.

Charlie Coiner On Coach And Coordinator Podcast

The head coach in high school and college will have so much input with the special teams personnel, practice time and overall emphasis that it cannot be ignored. Head coaches who neglect special teams sooner or later find teeth marks right in their backside for this mistake.

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It was interesting that the three special teams coaches in this Coach And Coordinator podcast touched on three different things. All are important but different. Coiner emphasized creating depth throughout the season.

Veteran NFL special teams coordinator Bobby April focused on how you practice to save your players from late season fatigue and injury. Finally Brett Arkelian hit on how to keep your group engaged and motivated, no matter what your late season circumstances might be.

So give this a listen and it is our hope that you are playing for a championship this weekend. However; if you are not keep growing and understand that you are either getting better or getting worse. This Coach And Coordinator special teams podcast will help you get better.

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