Find Your Football Play By What You Name It

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 28, 2022
FirstDown PlayBook Saves You Time

One of the best features we have added to FirstDown PlayBook over the past year is one you asked for the most. We heard it over and over. “Coach we love how easy it is to find the 35,000 FirstDown PlayBook plays. Can you give us the ability to find football plays in our playbooks the same way?” Ask and you shall receive. You can now find your football play just as easy.

The concept is simple but very powerful. When you are looking for a FirstDown PlayBook play because you are tired of redrawing the same plays and defenses over and over, you go to “Find A Play”. There are several ways to find plays. You can search by choosing the drop downs that you want. You can also just go to the “Search” bar and type in what you are looking for.

Don’t Learn Football On Channel 6

Once you begin creating your own plays and playbooks, you can now do the same thing. Now you just go “My Plays” and once again, you will see the “Search” bar. Type in the name of any play you have created from scratch or one you created by editing a FirstDown PlayBook play. When you type that in you are going to find every play or defense in your playbook area by that name.

Youth Football Trick Plays? Yup. Right Here.

We see your eyes lighting up. It has never been this easy to find football plays, especially your football plays. We understand just how much time we save you with this. No more digging through paper or desktop folders looking for your last version of the counter vs a bear defense. Now you find it with one keyboard click. This saves you time drawing cards, making playbook installations and in many other ways.

Now you can get back to planning your individual period or your group period. This allows you to coach and not be a full time card drawer. Watch this short video to see how FirstDown PlayBook can save you hours over the course of a football season. Never spend time trying to find your football plays again.

Rusty Wright