Filter Alerts Are Your Best New Friend

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 16, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook has just come up with one more way to make your life as a football coach easier. We have just installed an alert system that tells you when you have a filter open.

Any of you who have been in the new FirstDown PlayBook know how powerful it is to filter through the thousands of football plays. The filters give you the ability to quickly parse out what you don’t want and get you to what you do.

Have You Ever Sat Down & Put A Dollar Value On Your Time?

The trouble is that sometimes when you shift gears you forget what you were last working on. Say you are in FirstDown PlayBook looking for red zone pass plays in the afternoon. You come back that night and now you are looking for defensive pressures.

If you forget to clear all of the filters then you are going to have problems with your defensive search. Here’s what we came up with. Now whenever you have a filter open, we highlight it for you. This new filter alert system quickly lets you see the filters you have open.

Small thing you say? Not when it’s late and you’re tired. This is when you want to quickly get to the area you need. FirstDown PlayBook has been there. This filter alert system is just one more example of how everything we do is aimed at making a football coaches life better.

Take a quick look at this minute video. It will help you out the next time you are looking for plays.