Explosive Play Action Double Move

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 13, 2024
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Creating a play action double move explosive play is often associated with having an athletic quarterback taking the snap. With the likes of Jackson and Mahomes reinforcing this weekly, it’s hard to disagree. Defensive coordinators are well aware of how dangerous they are when they get outside of the pocket. Double moves are exponentially scary.

Anyone of these dudes can take off running on a cross country romp if a defense is not careful. On a designed bootleg, naked or waggle there is normally some second level route available to them as well.

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It’s usually a comeback or an out route. However, corners need to be careful because dropback passes are not the only way to break a heart with a double move. Below, you will find a good example with coaching points at the bottom of the page. Remember, that your pass protection is often made simpler because of the run fake too.

Before you put this in your offensive game plan you need to understand that this is often a three play process. First, you have to establish the run. If the secondary is not involved with stopping the run, you are in trouble. Secondly, you need to be an effective bootleg pass team. Thirdly…well just read below.

FORMATION: 2 Back Open

COMES OFF OF THIS RUN PLAY: Inside zone weak


PLAY: Boot Strong Z Pump F Stay (Double Move)

Quarterback Action: Fake inside zone and boot leg opposite.


Z-Y-X- Run



Reverse out and execute run fake away.

Boot action away gaining depth initially from the LOS.

Get head around and look for targets high to low.

Stay on the move and break the pocket as you go through your progression.

Progress through your read always aware that running the ball is an option.

Look Z to Y to X to Run

Give a “GO”call if you run the ball

Z: Comeback Pump Route (Double Move)

Cheat your split inside by 2 yards.

Best release to sell the vertical threat first.

At 12 yards stutter your feet to sell the out or comeback route.

Put your outside foot in the ground and get vertical.

Leave the QB at least 4 yards from the sideline to work with on the throw.

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X: Over Route

Get a close split (5 yards from the Tackle).

Best release to gain depth as you cross the formation.

Climb to 10-12 yards & get to the QB’s vision late.

Y: Return Route

Inside release on the snap to sell the backside cutoff block.

At 3-4 yards depth plant the inside foot and return to the sideline.

Do not put yourself in jail with the slot defender.

Look to come into the QB’s vision after he evaluates the Z.

If the QB gives a “GO” call turn and block downfield.

Use Dash Protection To Create Explosive Plays Too

F: Edge Protector

On the snap step with the outside foot to sell the lead block first.

Plant & travel back across the formation keeping separation from the LOS.

As you approach the far tackle look to block any defender you see with outside leverage.

Allow the QB to break contain.

H: Ball Fake

On the snap keep your pads low and sell a convincing run fake to the weak side.

Charlie Coiner is the Founder of FirstDown PlayBook