Invert Coverage As A Run Stopper

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 16, 2023
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We heard the term “invert coverage” used last week as we watched an NFL game. It was kind of used in passing and we wondered if the viewers really understood what invert coverage was so we went back and found this blog from a few years ago to explain the defense with more detail.

Defensive coaches are always looking for a way to get an extra defender down in the box to stop the run game. Quarters coverage is normally how defensive coordinators get this done.

While quarters is a fantastic way to get help with the run game it can be complex. It requires that defenders read and see the same thing. There is a simpler way that predetermines where the extra defender comes from to stop the run.

Invert Coverage Allows You To Predetermine Who Will Drop Down Into The Box

We call it “Invert” coverage. You may call it something else. It’s not new by any means and it can look like quarters unless you know the defensive call. Invert coverage allows you to predetermine that a safety or both safeties will drop down in the box on the snap of the ball.

This is a simpler way to get the extra defender in the box. Invert coverage, like all coverages, has weaknesses. However, it is a good way to get a more physical defender in the box on the snap.

In today’s short video we explain how you can edit any of our varsity defenses. You can get to cover 2, cover 4 or cover 6 invert for your defense.

Rich Mannello