Michigan Imposes Their Will On Goal Line Power

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 14, 2023
FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday

It’s always tempting to search for the latest greatest play or exotic blitz to feature on the All 22 Tuesday feature. They are fun and in a rare circumstance, there might be something you can take from it to help your team. More often than not, we serve you better with something like we will today. Let’s look at how Michigan ran this goal line power for a touchdown, the numbers be damned.

This will warm an offensive line coach’s heart or two out there. Offensive coordinators are famous for throwing three fades in the red zone and then kicking a field goal because the defense had too many in the box or “the numbers aren’t good”.

No doubt football is a numbers game. Coaches must look at these numbers and the scheme that goes along with them to figure out the best plan. There is more to it than that though. There are human bodies out there flying around. Sometimes they play the game like it’s on a whiteboard and other times they do not.

Sometimes “The Numbers” Don’t Matter On A Goal Line Power Play

What is often overlooked in the equation is that if only one player gets beat or fails to do their job it can screw up the entire defense. That is what happens with our All 22 Tuesday play today. Michigan executes this goal line power at the point of attack so well that the numbers are irrelevant.

To put it more bluntly, the movement on the play side made it impossible for the fit that Penn State’s Manny Diaz drew up to have any chance of happening. It’s hard to play football with your teammates in your lap. Are you listening young offensive coordinators?

Numbers don’t matter if you attack them at the right point like Michigan does on this goal line power. There is a backside player that has no chance to make the play. There is a play side linebacker with his teammate in his lap. Guess what? The numbers are now irrelevant. Touchdown Michigan.

Before we check out, we want to point out that we have seen this before. FirstDown PlayBook has no dog in this fight but last year Michigan beat Ohio State up in the trenches. There is an inevitable re-match coming soon and if I was Ohio State I would be ready for more of what you are seeing on today’s All 22 Tuesday.

Click On The Play & Video Below To See Michigan Score On This Goal Line Power

Michigan Goal Line Power
Alex Van Pelt