Can You Solve This Pass Protection Problem

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 23, 2020

More often than not, if an offensive line coach is thorough with his video study he will know where his pressure threats are going to come from 90 percent of the time against a particular opponent. This is key with the pass protection solutions that must be worked out.

After that he must look at what he has in his pass protection playbook to get that pressure picked up. Of course the offensive coordinator is going to have a big say in this. The coordinator will certainly have specific formations that he wants to use that week.

These formations will be important because they will likely force the defense to play a certain coverage. The coordinator will also want to get a certain number of receivers out, meaning they are not available for pass protection.

Today for our Monday Morning Quarterback segment we ask you this. Your coordinator wants to be in a 2×2 formation and he wants the tight end out. He’s anticipating two deep from the defense. He’s right 78 percent of the time.

There is that other 22 percent where the defense has heated up their opponents with strong side pressure. You ask to keep the tight end in for protection and the coordinator is not having it.

Our question this morning is what adjustments can you make with your offensive line that week in practice so that they can solve this problem on their own?

This way the coordinator gets what he wants and you pick up the strong side pressure. Check back with us Wednesday and we will let you know how we would teach it.

Here’s How We Would Teach This Pass Protection

Safety rotation can tell us so much about a defense and their intentions. Often times we leave all of the recognition to the quarterback when the center and offensive line can see these clues too.

This protection is set up so that the offensive line is responsible for the four down defensive linemen and the Will linebacker. If the center can see that the strong safety is rotating down to the strong side he can make a common sense adjustment on this protection.

He can adjust this protection because there is very little chance that the Will linebacker or the Nickel can pressure because he is not backed up by a safety.

The Center can make the adjustment so that the offensive line will handle the four down linemen to the Mike linebacker. The protection back is now responsible for the Sam linebacker and the strong safety. If they both come the quarterback knows he better find his hot route to that side!

Alex Van Pelt