Attack Flag Football Quarters Coverage Part 1

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 2, 2023
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Let’s start where it always should. Numbers. Football is a numbers game regardless of if you coach NFL Flag or Adult Flag. As you plan your offense or defense you better understand this or you are lost and have no chance. So as we begin to look at how to beat flag football quarters coverage we have to remember a few things.

The first thing to understand is that if you are playing 5v5 flag football, the quarters coverage you are playing should be relatively simple. There is one rusher to the quarterback and four other defenders playing some form of quarters in the backend. 4v4 flag football is not different. As you will see in today’s video there are variations of quarters coverage. This normally revolves around leverage and how aggressive the flag football quarters coverage is.

How Old Are Your Flag Football Players?

The second thing to remember is to look at your players. Are they 19 years old or are they 8-9 years old NFL Flag players? Your play selection will always be affected by this. For this very reason, FirstDown PlayBook is going to give you five different ways to beat flag football quarters coverage. Today we will focus on two very simple plays and in our next blog we will get more advanced.

Full disclosure, this topic came up because one of our NFL Flag coaches asked us about it. He said he was seeing a good dose of flag football quarters coverage. That got us thinking about how we would attack 5v5 flag football quarters coverage with younger players and older players. Let’s start with the youngsters.

YAC Beats Flag Football Quarters Coverage

If the defense you are playing is just sitting back and playing to tackle or pull your flag after the catch then it’s pretty simple. Make them do just that. It is important that your receivers need to release the same as if they are running a go route.

This will create separation. If it does not then see the next paragraph. Get the ball out of your quarterback’s hand quickly and throw to your best (most athletic receiver). This receiver needs to make people miss with the flag pull requirement.

How To Beat Flag Football Quarters Coverage

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How To Beat Flag Football Quarters Coverage

Let’s look at the numbers again. They are playing four across the board on defense. You have four receivers and not very much time to throw it. Think about it. If you run four verticals or even three vertical routes this flag football quarters coverage just turned into man coverage. It is important to understand that vertical throws can get out of your quarterback’s hand quickly too.

We talk about this in the video but it is important to coach all of your receivers on their releases. In the flag football three vertical concept you see above, you want to outside release your wide outs so that you turn their defenders away from where the ball is actually going to be thrown. This can be the difference in a good play and a great play.

Want to see three more ways to attack flag football quarters coverage if you have older players? Click on this link to see part 2 of our ideas on how to beat flag football quarters coverage.

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