6 Man Football Questions Answered Here

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 20, 2022
FirstDown PlayBook Has 6 Man FootBall Help Too!

If you were to keep track of the number of questions FirstDown PlayBook gets about 6 man football, you would think that more folks play it than 11 man football. Of course, that is not the case. It does however, speak for the passion of the coaches who teach in this space.

You can imagine how glad we were at FirstDown PlayBook when our 6 man football coaches could edit all 35,000 of our plays. Make no mistake, we have done a great deal of the work ourself. If there is someone else out there providing you with over 600 6 man football plays and defenses, please let us know.

Having said that, we know that we will need to continue growing in this area just like we do all of the others. By others we mean the 11 man, 9 man, 8 man, 12 man and the many other variations of tackle and flag football out there. Also, when we say “plays” we mean offense and defensive help too.

6 Man Football Defensive Fits Too!

Another important point to keep in mind if you coach 6, 8, 9 or 12 man football. There have been a lot of coaching tools added as well. These tools will serve 6 man football coaches the same way they do all others. FirstDown PlayBook has totally revamped the “My Content” section. Your PlayBook help and practice card help are all in the same area now. You can easily print traditional playbooks with your players’ assignments right on the same page.

Another new feature that will interest 6 man football coaches is the Play Templates section. You can now save your route combinations, formations, fronts or whatever in your Templates area. No more redrawing your favorite formations, fronts or routes over and over.

You will notice in this video that there is now a “My Tools” area on the left side dashboard. This is already a favorite with our high school and college Team membership coaches. They can find their templates and now practice schedules in this area. More is to come with practice scripts and wristband sheets too.

FirstDown PlayBook Has 6 Man FootBall Help Too!
FirstDown PlayBook Has 6 Man FootBall Help Too!