5v5 Flag Football Split Formation & More

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 10, 2023

The NFL Flag football Split formation is a good example of how you have to keep inventing and trying to coach. Trust us when we say that the NFL does not put their name on anything that is not well thought out. However, they also give you room to think and innovate too. Today we will take a look at a FirstDown PlayBook formation that fits what we are talking about.

NFL Flag and USA Football have rules that prohibit the quarterback from running the ball. The quarterback is defined as the player who has the ball directly snapped to them. This is a good rule that prevents one talented player from taking over the game without using the other players in the scheme.

Here’s Another NFL Flag Formation That Thinks Outside The Box

Your Split Backs 5v5 flag football formation has two quarterbacks. Two players align in the backfield equally offset from the center. They are both close enough that the center could snap the ball to either one of them. This formation has a lot in common with the Single Wing formation from tackle football.

The NFL Flag Split Backs Formation Keeps The Defense From Cheating

When the ball is snapped, the quarterback will be declared. However, there is an advantage to hiding this until that point. Your player who receives the snap will still not be allowed to advance the ball on a run. However, the defense will not be able to cheat knowing who that player is until the ball is snapped.

The NFL Flag Split Backs formation will force the defense to balance up against you. It gives you the opportunity to create misdirection run plays that involve two of your athletic players in the backfield. Also don’t forget that you still have a great jet sweep and reverse game. Once again the defense just cannot cheat based on who the quarterback is pre-snap.

FirstDown PlayBook offers you 12 different 5v5 Flag Football formations just like the ones you see below. You should consider one or two of these for your NFL Flag offense. Tap on any one of the tiles below to visit the article describing that formation. After reading the article then go join FirstDown PlayBook and get busy coaching your NFL Flag team with the best playbook available!