3 Reasons To Run Youth Football Boots & Nakeds

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 11, 2021

You should have boots and nakeds in your passing game if you are a youth football coach. Before we get into the “why’s” of why you should run boots stop and understand that the San Francisco 49ers thrive off of it.

Yes, that is Kyle Shanahan, son of Mike who has won two Super Bowls. There is a reason that both of these two coaches run a lot of boots and nakeds. They get it that it’s easier to mis-direct a defender than to block him. This is regardless of what youth football defense you face. As a youth football coach you should understand this too.

Let’s take a quick look at 3 reasons to run youth football boots & nakeds

Your Quarterback’s Arm Is Not That Strong

If it’s your son or daughter, we apologize but we are correct nonetheless. Your quarterback is better suited to sprint out, boot out, play action out, anything out than they are to drop back.

You have to get your young quarterback moving towards the throw. Even though you fake away from the play first, you get this with a boot or naked. Your young quarterback will feel more comfortable knowing they can throw moving towards a target.

Boots Help Your Run Game

Your run game is the heart of your youth football offense. Without it you are doomed. (well not exactly doomed but it won’t be a fun fall). Anything that you can do to help your run game is essential.

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If you run a boot or naked away from one of your core run plays every now and then, you are on to something. Now here is the important part. Even at the youth football level you have to do everything possible to make the two plays look the same. If you don’t do that, what’s the point?

Easier To Trick them Than Block Them

This is not just about your skill players. Those young kids up front want to pile drive what ever is in their way. However, there is more to it than that and normally there will be at least one defender unblocked.

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You do not always have block them. If they are going left and you are going right with your play that is a good thing. This is especially true if your talented quarterback is booting out to throw to your best receiver.

Convinced? You should be. Watch this to learn more.