Youth Football Defensive Adjustments

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 2, 2023
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If there is one thing that youth football coaches are better at than NFL coaches, it is running what works over and over again. An NFL coach will assume that the defense has adjusted and move on to another play. Sometimes even when that is not the case. It is a classic case of giving your opponent too much credit. A Pop Warner coach does not have that much time on their hands at practice. This can be an advantage.

A youth football coach is going to wear that play out if it works! After all, they have not had time to practice a lot of different plays. If a play call is working against your youth football defense, you can bet you’re going to see it again. In fact, you will likely see it a ton until you prove you can stop it.

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That brings us to our point today. A Pop Warner coach should always have an adjustment to their defense if they need it. If the offense is hurting your defense in a specific area, then make an adjustment.

Granted the problem can sometimes be fixed with better technique and fundamentals. However, there are times when your scheme or personnel does not match up at the point of attack. That’s when you will want to have a call to stop the damage until you can adjust your youth football defense on the sideline.

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Most of the time, in youth football, that means getting at least one of your defenders in the gap where you are getting exploited. Today’s short and simple video gives you one example of how you can edit your defensive call and play drawing to force the offense out of their favorite call. Please don’t interpret it as the only way to adjust your defense. There is almost always multiple adjustments a defensive coach can make.

FirstDown PlayBook offers you 6 different defenses and plenty of adjustment help. You should consider one or two of these for your Pop Warner defense. Tap on any one of the tiles below to visit the article describing that formation. After reading the article then go join FirstDown PlayBook and get busy coaching your Pop Warner team with the best football playbook available!

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