Youth Football 5-3 Under Defense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 19, 2021

The FirstDown PlayBook 5-3 Under youth football defense is probably our least understood. The 5-3 part is not lost on anyone however, it’s the way that we align your front five defenders that is a little different. This version of a 5-3 youth football defense gives you great leverage in the run game.

When you coach youth football you can get into a game where the offense is wearing you out to one side or the other. It might be inside or it might be outside. Sometimes it can be both. An under front gives you shade nose, a 5 technique on the tackle and a 9 technique on the tight end.

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This front gives you a lot of defense on the edges to stop the sweep game, including the jet sweeps. The three inside linebackers keep you solid against the inside run. You can play man coverage vs all five eligibles, This keeps your linebackers moving towards the ball carrier. It also allows you to be strong against the pass.

You Won’t Have To Sit Still In Your 5-3 Under Defense

You won’t want to sit still in this front either. The 5-3 Under defense is made for the pirate stunt. The pirate stunt brings your 5 technique on a stunt in the B gap. Some offenses will try to attack your strong side B gap when you play an under front. This is because you don’t have a defensive lineman in that gap. Your can pirate stunt into the B gap because your Sam linebacker is stacked to that side.

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Like any defense you are considering running, you want to understand it inside out. That means knowing the adjustments to any offensive formation they can throw at you. FirstDown PlayBook has you covered there and with many other youth football defenses.

Click on the 5-3 Under defense diagram below to watch a short video on why you need to consider installing this with your youth football team.