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By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 17, 2022
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We have never done this before but here goes. We received an email Friday night from an adult flag football player. He of course, loves FirstDown PlayBook and credited us with helping his adult 7v7 flag football team advance to a higher level of play. His problem was that their flag football quarterback was having trouble getting the pass off before he got sacked.

This is one of the most common questions we get here at FirstDown PlayBook with flag football. People don’t understand how fast it is played. In this case the rules allow the defense to immediately rush as soon as the ball is snapped. That means that your quarterback better know where the ball is going right now. There are other ways to attack this. Some teams incorporate a two quarterback system. That can be effective too but it takes a lot of practice.

So below we have listed the suggestions we gave this person to help his adult flag football quarterback out. Maybe you have suggestions too? if so, feel free to chime in.

Buy Your Flag Football Quarterback Time With These Ideas

1. Don’t throw the ball down the field so much. Use plays that allow your flag football quarterback to catch and throw the ball immediately. Throw slants vs outside leverage and fade routes vs inside leverage. A fade throw can be thrown quickly too. The QB just catches it and lets the receiver run under it or throws it on the back shoulder.

2. Call crossing routes from bunch formations designed to pick or rub the defenders. Your players must be unselfish and understand that you are actually only trying to get one players open very quickly so the QB can get the ball out of his hand.

3. Uses motion that allows your WR’s to get separation immediately. My guess is that some of these defenses are jumping up in your WR’s faces and jamming them at the line of scrimmage. This Green Bay Packers play should be in your playbook.

4. Consider plays that your flag football quarterback takes the shotgun snap and tosses it to a player in motion on a reverse path. That player can then either run it or launch it down field to another player.

7v7 Flag Football Plays

5. Motion a player from outside in on the right side. Have that player shield block the rusher as your QB rolls out to the right to throw the ball down the field every now & then. This can be very effective if you marry it with plays that have your player in motion come across as a receiver or on a reverse path. (See #4).

You Want To Create YAC

6. Finally, for the most part you are trying to get the ball quickly into your playmakers’ hands and let them create YAC yards after catch.
Hope this helps. There are plays in FirstDown PlayBook that fit everyone of the scenarios above. I am glad to hear that you like FirstDown PlayBook. Spread the word!

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