7v7 Adult Flag: NFL Boot Orbit Concept

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 3, 2022

All quarterbacks are not created equally. If you coach girls high school flag football it is likely that you have one that has some athletic ability. You are going to want to move them around in the pocket some. There are several ways to do this, but the tried and proven NFL Boot Orbit concept is certainly a good way to start.

This is not your grand pappy’s bootleg pass. Think Sean McVay from the Los Angeles Rams. He does a great job of setting his boot game up off of his jet sweep and around game. You can too with your adult 7v7 flag football offense.

Obviously, you are going to want to have a play where you hand this ball off to your Z on the around. You may even want to have a simple play where you hand it off to a talented H. Either way, this bootleg pass will come off of those two run plays.

This version of the NFL Boot Orbit concept has the widest receiver outside releasing on a fade or go route. The outside release is mandatory. This will force the defender to turn away from the inside routes as they cover the go route. The inside receivers will run an out route and a quick out route. Once again, it is important for both of these two receivers to be at their proper depth. If they are too close together, you are asking for an interception.

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