Your Coaching Job Is Unique To Your Situation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 2, 2022

Coaching football is a funny thing. In some ways it is the exact same if you are coaching in Foxboro Massachusetts for the Patriots or for the Green Hornets of Wilson Memorial High School in Fishersville Virginia. In other ways your coaching job is unique to your situation. Good coaches recognize this and build with it in mind when it comes to choosing resources.

One of the huge differences is budget. I have coached in the NFL for nine years. I also coached at some of the prestigious college football programs in the country. Schools like LSU, Tennessee, Louisville, North Carolina, Minnesota and Vanderbilt. All of these programs had at least one thing in common. They not only had enough money to spend, they had enough money to waste.

FirstDown PlayBook Understands Your Coaching Job & Football Program

I also had coaching jobs at Appalachian State when they were IAA, UT Chattanooga, Austin Peay and Texas Southern University twice. When I was at every one of these football programs, we had to make every penny count. There was no money to spend on something that would not be used as a vital part of the work day, everyday.

It is partially from the experiences I describe above that FirstDown PlayBook has taken the approach we have with our product and pricing. We understand that the odds are your program has a lot more in common with the schools you see on this graphic than you have with Kirby Smart and Georgia. Same thing goes if you are a high school coach.

The quality of the playbook tool, you ask? Once again, remember that I coached and handled playbooks at the NFL level. I can promise you that FirstDown PlayBook offers you a better digital playbook solution than any of those 32 teams use. Think about it this way, FirstDown PlayBook charges you $700 for an entire year. Texas A&M and The Los Angles Rams spend that on dinner for a recruit or free agent.

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When you look at it this way, who understands your coaching job and your program better than FirstDown PlayBook? If you are teaching correctly, your playbook and installations are something someone on your staff touches nearly every day. It is essential to how you prepare each week. At this point FirstDown PlayBook has plenty coaches and programs like the ones above who get it. Look at the list and consider how much in common your program and budget has with these successful programs.

Charlie Coiner is the Founder of FirstDown PlayBook