Recognizing 3 Strong NAIA Football Seasons

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 16, 2022
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It’s that time of year when an experienced football coach knows to dig a little beneath the surface on the results from the previous season. FirstDown PlayBook has worked with several NCAA Division I, II and III schools this season. More on that in a moment but right now we want to point out the successful seasons of three schools who had strong NAIA football seasons.

The three schools we are referring to are in the graphic below. None of the three were selected for the playoffs that begin this week. That should not take away from what these programs are building. If you are a high school coach and are recruited by these schools, they should be on your radar.

All 22 Tuesday: The Colts Bracket Coverage left Them a Man Short Here

FirstDown PlayBook has a unique seat when it comes to working with a college football program. You see, we are in constant contact with these programs before and throughout the football season. Don’t believe that? Just ask any of these coaches when you see them. We don’t get in the way when we are not needed. However, if they need something we are there seven days a week during the season.

This allows us to work with them, but it also allows us to see how the staff prepares. Having coached thirty years in the NFL and college football, we can tell you that these teams were well prepared. It started before the first game or even the first practice. The way these football staffs approached this NAIA season was impressive. Let’s focus on the accomplishments of one of these three NAIA programs.

What Texas Wesleyan Did On Offense This Year.

9-2 Record & First NAIA SAC Championship

Ranked #2 In Scoring This NAIA Season Averaging 45 Points Per Game

Led Nation In NAIA Rushing With a 6.3 Yards Per Carry

Amassed 5,200 Yards Total Offense & 2,800 Yards Rushing

Obviously we could point out many other accomplishments from all three of these three strong NAIA football seasons, but you get the point. As we mentioned above, there have been other programs who have had strong seasons and we will come back soon to recognize them at the NCAA Division I, II & III levels.

In the meantime, keep this in mind when these three schools show up in your school. You should give them a hard look. We can assure you that your players will be well coached and well prepared. The future is bright for these three NAIA football programs. If you want to see how we can help your program do the same, click here.