FastBreak PlayBook Is Live (& Free)

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 18, 2022

FastBreak PlayBook is live as of tonight and yes it is free. Let’s not overcomplicate this. We are taking the very same approach with FastBreak PlayBook that we have with FirstDown PlayBook. This approach is centered on the basis that this is your coaching tool.

Free? You ask. Yes, but do not fall asleep on this. Remember, FastBreak PlayBook looks at it differently. We want this in your hands so you can tell us how to get better. Trust us, when we say that, along the way you will reap the benefits as we pick your brain. If you don’t believe us, ask these coaches who were early adopters of FirstDown PlayBook.

FastBreak PlayBook: Free Editable Basketball Help From Real Coaches

In case you do not know how this works, let us explain. We don’t just give you the best play drawing technology available for basketball, we also give you proven plays and defenses. We understand that most of you spend hours (and hours) looking for information about how to coach your youth basketball team. If you are lucky enough to find something that fits your team, you still have to draw it up. Not with FastBreak PlayBook.

FastBreak PlayBook Launch

FastBreak PlayBook gives you proven basketball content from coaches and players who have spent years doing this. We have input from coaches who have coached at the college level and run youth basketball camps. We also have former professional basketball players who have played abroad contributing.

Back to our original point. Help us help you. If you see something that we can do better, please let us know. We are different when it comes to this. If there is something we can improve to help our coaches, we get on this pretty darn fast. So enjoy your free 6 months of FastBreak PlayBook. We look forward to having you as part of our coaching family.

FastBreak PlayBook is live as of tonight and it is free. Let's not overcomplicate this. It's free basketball help from professional coaches.