Your Adult Flag Football Team Just Got Better

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 16, 2021

Your adult flag football team probably goes something like this. Who’s going to play quarterback? Ok now who’s going to be receivers? Ok Charlie, you have to snap the ball too. Plays you ask? Well, everyone go deep and I will throw it to who wins. If no one gets open then I will just pull the ball down and run it!

Quickly it becomes obvious that no one is having fun when you are getting drilled every game. There is a very simple solution. Someone needs to take the role as the coach. Like all coaches you will need help. That is where FirstDown PlayBook comes in. We can help you coach your flag football team.

NFL…College…High School…Pop Warner…Flag Football National Champs & You Too!

Yes, the same FirstDown PlayBook that helps NFL coaches, college coaches high school coaches, youth and flag coaches. Here’s why. You should be running some of the same concepts like Hank and Drive that the tackle and 7on7 teams do. case you didn’t know, the very first women’s national flag football champions leaned on FirstDown PlayBook during their historic year. We can help your adult flag football team too.

9 Nasty NFL Concepts For Your Adult Flag Football Offense

Take two minutes and watch this video. Here are three ways your adult flag football team is instantly better. It’s easy too. The next time you take the field and you run a 3×1 NFL rub route that pops open your best receiver you will thank us as you drink a celebratory beverage after the game.