7v7 Adult Flag: Drive Concept

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 6, 2021
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If there was an adult flag football rule that allowed us to only run one NFL concept, we would choose the Drive or Mesh concepts. When you play against man coverage as often you are going to in your 7v7 flag football league, you want your receivers on the move. The NFL Drive concept does this and they are right in your quarterback’s vision.

Go back and look at the Snag concept from a previous post. Starting to get the picture? These concepts are at their best when you run them in conjunction with one another. You are going to see the outside receiver (Z, in this case) motion inside to a Bunch type formation with the Y and the H. When you compare the two concepts, you can see how the defense has trouble defending both.

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With the NFL Drive concept, you want your inside receiver to outside release so that they can set a natural pick for your shallow runner. The Z must run directly at the Y so that their defender will run into the Y or the defender covering them. The Y runs what is called a basic cross route.

The basic cross is not just a pick player. They are very much in this route concept after getting the shallow runner open. The basic is going to push up to 12 yards and then cross over the middle as the QB’s second option. The basic cross is not a curl like you see on the Hank concept but it can bend back into a hole vs zone.

Adult 7v7 Flag Football Drive Concept Read: 1. Shallow 2. Basic Cross 3. Back

You are not going to get very much zone coverage in adult flag football but you will see it sometimes. We saw it some in the NAIA Women’s Flag Football Championship in Atlanta. This is why you see that the basic and the shallow runners both have zone coverage adjustments to sit down if they need it.

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