Use The Dagger For Your Season or 7on7

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 26, 2020

It feels a little weird invoking 7on7 during the month of October but we know that there are varying schedules right now. Some of you are in a full blown football season while others are getting ready for the spring.

Today we want to highlight this drop back pass play that is a good thought for you regardless of your point in the season. The Dagger concept is a pretty common way to throw the ball in any offense. It’s good for 7on7 and your regular season.

Sometimes the secret is how to get the defense in a look that sets up your dagger read. One way is to line up in a run heavy formation that beckons the defense to close the middle of the field.

In the 3×1 Wing formation below you have likely run the football well if the defense is not getting the extra defender in the box. Once they do close the middle of the field this dagger concept with an individual route on the backside is a good thought.

Depending on the talent of your Y Tight End, we would normally just read this F to Z to H. However if your quarterback and tight end are on the same page you can include the Y as the initial read! This makes it a good play for those defenses that cheat and play cover 2 every snap in 7on7 too!

There are plenty of other ways to run the dagger concept. Here is another way from a similar 3×1 formation. It can also be run from 2 backs which provides protection and a rub or two!