Dagger Concept: Z Dagger X Shallow Backs Weak

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 3, 2020

Most of offensive football is creating conflict of assignment for the defense. Make it look like something and it’s really something else. The Dagger concept certainly falls in this category.

This Two Back Gun version is a good example. Regardless of who is carrying the Y down the middle of the field in cover 2 he has several things to worry about.

1. He has to carry the Y to the Safeties.

2. He has to get under the Z on the In route.

3. Finally, he has to break up on the X Shallow.

The Dagger Concept Can Be Run Out Of Multiple Formations

On Dagger X Shallow we would read this Y to Z to X. We know that both backs were bursting away from the high low after protection. One of the key coaching points is to make sure the Y and the QB can recognize middle of the field open vs closed.

Keep in mind this Dagger concept requires detail on the part of the Y. If the Y just runs blindly down the field and is a decoy eventually he will be treated as such and the defense will not carry or respect him. Take a look!

There are multiple formations that the Dagger concept can be run from. At times it can be a good idea to get the defense to close the middle of the field with a run formation. A good examp[le is if you line ups in a 3×1 formation. This can make for a tough read for the free safety as he negotiates the seam and the In route.

Dagger Shallow