Flag Football Trick Plays On Your TV?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 30, 2022

Odds are that by the time we finish this short blog you will have seen another trick football play on TV today. How can we be so certain? Well, because it’s bowl season, that’s why. Teams always have a trick or two that they have been working on all season but they have not found the right chance to use them. The bowl game is that last chance. Many of these plays are very similar to the flag football trick plays that FirstDown PlayBook offers you.

The NFL is not different from this either. Teams are playing one of two types of games this weekend. They are playing in a critical win to ge in the playoffs kind of game or a meaningless game that will only decide their draft pick order. Both of these types of games are ripe for trick plays to show up. It’s hard to watch a football game and not see a little trickery this time of year.

Many Of The Trick Plays You Are Seeing In Bowl Games Are Similar To The Flag Football Trick Plays FirstDown PlayBook Offers You

FirstDown PlayBook wants to make sure you know that we have our flag football coaches and players covered with this too. Every section that we have in our flag football area is full of sound plays. Many of these flag football trick plays are very similar to what you are seeing on your TV right now. We are always thinking about age based plays here at FirstDown PlayBook too. NFL Flag coaches live here.

We also have complimentary plays that come off of your base plays. This play is actually a three pronged play. It can come off of the hand sweep or the reverse off of that. this is a 7v7 flag football play that does not include shielding or blocking. There are so many different leagues and rules when it comes to flag football. That’s why your ability to edit all of our thousands of flag football plays is so powerful. We even can help you get the ball to your center.

In this situation where blocking is not allowed, a flag football coach has to create an explosive play with deception. That’s why you will see that some of our flag football plays include misdirection. If you can’t block them you have to mis-direct the defense. When you add on a little pass option late to the quarterback, you have a powerful trick football play.

Flag Football Trick Plays & More. 11 Powerful Flag Football Formations High Here.

The key is everyone has to play fast. Slow deception is not very deceptive. You want the defense to be one step behind what is going on. Of course the FirstDown PlayBook coaching points will help you with how to get all of that coached up too!

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