Florida State Reverse Flea Flicker 

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 6, 2022
All 22 Tuesday

Full disclosure, we are going to come right back, later and dig into this FirstDown PlayBook All 22 Tuesday play of the week. We think it is a great example of how there are several different ways to draw football plays, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. This Florida State reverse flea flicker is a perfect example of how there are 1. Coaches versions 2. Fan versions 3. Analytical versions.

Today we are going to present the fan version of this reverse flea flicker . What we mean by that is, although there is detail involved with this drawing, it does not have the detail that the coaches used when they installed it. Just a side note, they also did not know how the defense was going to react. What this drawing shows you is important though. Things you did not hear when you watched it on TV.

Let’s set it up. Florida State has the ball on the LSU 39 yard line. It’s 2nd and 12 yards for a first down. At this point, neither team has really created any explosives. The score is 3-0 in favor of LSU. When an offense is behind the chains on second down, you often think they are going to try to get half of it back on this play. They want the down and distance to be manageable. You are not looking for an around flea flicker.

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The other thought is that they will get creative to find an explosive. Norvell and FSU understood this perfectly as they gave the LSU defense bait they could not refuse. With eight offensive players lined up into the boundary, FSU hands the ball into the boundary. It could not have been a surprise when the ball was pitched back to the field to #4 Micah Pittman on the around.

The Tigers responded accordingly and filled aggressively. LSU had cross dog pressure called so they were hoping they were going to be the ones creating confusion. So when the flea flicker unfolded they had to rally and abort the pressure. As you will see on the video everything happened too late for the LSU defense.

The offensive execution was good for a first game of the year. However, many plays like this end up getting picked, because the ball hung up way too long. It takes a long time to execute this play. That does not matter now though because this was the first, and critical score for FSU who needed it at the end of the game.

Watch This FSU Flea Flicker By Clicking On The Drawing