Split Zone Bubble RPO

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 26, 2022

Versatility is an underrated thing in football sometimes. This split zone bubble RPO is a good example where versatile players make an offense so dangerous. We get it. At the high school level and even college level it can be hard to find a player who is “great” at any one thing

When you do find that player, you often wear out that talent and for good reason! But back to our original point; if you have players who can do multiple things well, it can be as effective as having one player who is great at one thing.

This split zone bubble screen RPO features a quarterback who can run the ball. That quarterback also must be a proficient bubble screen thrower. This throw is not the toughest throw in the playbook but not the easiest either.

What is easy for the quarterback on this play is the read. The Will linebacker will tell the quarterback everything they need to know about run vs pass. If the Will expands with the short H motion then it is run. If the linebacker hangs around the box then the screen may be the better decision.

Is Your Scout Team Getting You Beat?

The second versatile player in this pay is the Y. If you have a tight end that can play on the end of the line of scrimmage and in the backfield you have a powerful weapon. This will make your game planning much easier on Tuesday night. If you can motion this player out to a wide receiver, you just exponentially better.

Let’s Look At it From The Other Side Of The Ball

Finally, the H also needs to be a versatile player. A bubble screen, once again, is not as easy to execute as some think. A running back who can make the defense load the box and catch a bubble screen is a huge advantage.

Add all of these things together and a receiver or two who is not afraid to block and you have a good football play. One that we walk you through in this short video. Enjoy!