FirstDown PlayBook Kickoff Coverage Clinic

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 3, 2021

There is a fifty percent chance or more that first team that you put on the field this fall will be your kickoff unit. Some will have a rude awakening because of the lack of preparation for this play. This kickoff coverage clinic is designed to help you avoid this.

Like most aspects of football, kickoff coverage can be broken down into parts when you teach it. There is also a progression to teach before putting it all together in the game.

In this kickoff coverage clinic we break it down into five distinct parts.

  1. Take Off or Get Off Zone
  2. Speed & Read Zone
  3. Avoid Zone
  4. Collision Zone
  5. Tackle Zone

We also talk about different ways to teach and measure each of these five areas. It’s very easy to teach the fundamentals of kickoff coverage and never analyze the players after it gets taught. There are specific ways to evaluate each and every player on this unit. Young kickoff cover coaches can really benefit from this.

Your kickoff coverage scheme should not be complicated by any means. However it’s good to have a changeup or two as long as there is a reason for it. You have to always give the coach you are competing against credit because they are coaching too.

If your opponent knows exactly what you are teaching and you are going to do that every time then you are going to get hurt eventually. So we take time to talk about a wrinkle or two that will keep the kickoff return unit honest.

This clinic will only be available for a week or so here on the Coaches Community website. However, all six phases are on the FirstDown PlayBook website 24/7 for our member coaches.