Proud Part Of Women’s Flag Football Foundation

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 14, 2022

To say that the sport of flag football for high school girls and women is growing is an understatement. FirstDown PlayBook has been enjoying a close up, first hand look at all this because we are a part of it. Our football playbook resource has been a part of a lot of this growth including the first NAIA Women’s Flag Football championship played in Atlanta last year.

We saw this cool video a little while back that NFL Flag put out for National Girls & Women In Sports Day on February 2. It reminded us of just how involved we are with this foundational game and its future. Today we want to point out three ways that FirstDown PlayBook is the football playbook leader for girls and women’s flag football.

FirstDown PlayBook Is The Official PlayBook Of NAIA Women’s Flag

We here at FirstDown PlayBook were already well aware of the female flag football explosion that was taking place in Florida and other southern states when we were approached by the NAIA. We have always regarded flag football as an important part of our football playbook.

When we saw the chance to be the first official playbook of NAIA Women’s Flag, we jumped at it. Last year it was a blast to help these pioneers along through their first historical college flag football season. As we worked with these teams making history, we learned a lot along the way. We learned about things that have helped us make the flag football section of FirstDown PlayBook even better.

The First Ever Women’s Flag National Champs Use FirstDown PlayBook

Liz Sowers is one of the original pioneers of the women’s flag football. As a member of the US National team she brings experience to the table as a player and as coach. You can imagine how excited we were when we realized that she had chosen FirstDown PlayBook to coach her Ottawa Women’s Flag team last year.

When Liz and her Ottawa team won the first ever national championship in Atlanta last year, FirstDown PlayBook was there for the entire tournament. As you will see in the video below, Liz and her players are making a huge impact on the sport. FirstDown PlayBook is glad we can be a part.

The Most Comprehensive Football PlayBook For Coaches Using NFL Flag Rules

FirstDown PlayBook has always been out front with providing the best football playbook resource for coaches playing with NFL Flag rules. There is not another flag football playbook resource that comes close to offering what we provide for NFL Flag coaches. It’s not just about the content either.

FirstDown PlayBook Supports Female Flag Football In Canada Too

Every time FirstDown PlayBook releases new technology, it affects all of our coaches and players. That includes our NFL Flag coaches. Our flag football coaches use the same technology that we offer to all of our coaches. When we say all of ur coaches we mean…you guessed it, actual NFL coaches that use FirstDown PlayBook. One great example of how we have added new features is that now our NFL Flag coaches can draw, edit, save and print their plays on field that fits NFL Flag proportions. You won’t find that anywhere else.

So do we have our chest stuck out a little bit over all of this? You bet we do. We are proud to be a part of this girls and women’s flag football foundation and we will grow with it every year going forward. It will be a fun ride. One we hope you join us on. Take a look at this exciting NFL Flag video highlighting several of the things we mentioned right here in this article.