NFL Flag Football Field Dimensions Now Available

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 3, 2022

Who knew? We bet you didn’t think the new FirstDown PlayBook Linemen View would have anything to offer you as a flag football coach, right? Think again. This recently added tool gives you the ability to draw your flag plays on an NFL Flag football field.

FirstDown PlayBook has been working hard on making sure anyone who plays our game has a “go to” canvas to draw their plays on. Trust us when we say there are a lot of different fields out there. However, as the official playbook of NAIA Women’s Flag Football, we have really wanted to get a flag football field out there for you. That is coming but for all practical purposes you have that today.

The FirstDown PlayBook Linemen View gives you the ability to zoom in to five different levels. When you zoom into the 135% level this narrows the field to make the numbers the sideline. This will work great for all of of our flag football teams playing on regulation NFL Flag football fields.

Run Your Flag Football Concepts Out Of Multiple Formations

There are other flag football benefits that come with the new Linemen View as well. Most of you flag football coaches who coach the youngsters like to use bigger players on your diagrams. You also really don’t use the field landmarks for anything but cosmetic value. That’s cool but this is how we now are helping you too.

Most of you use wristband sheets to coach your youth flag football team. Let’s face it, your players have small forearms. When you begin to put the flag football plays on your wristbands, you want to make sure you make them large enough to see. The Linemen View is going to buy you that extra real estate. We will come back later with more on this.

For now though, take a look at this video. Regardless of if you are coaching the returning national champion Ottawa Braves Women or you are just starting your high school girls team, this is going to help you. Adult flag footballers? You want to see this too!