PAT/FG Block Effort Is Revealing

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 21, 2023
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Ask some of the best coaches in the game and they will tell you this. If you want to see how hard a defense plays, just watch them on PAT/FG Block. If they play hard on that special teams play then you can bet they play hard all the time.

This is true if you are evaluating an entire defense or even an individual player in recruiting. Let’s face it, unless it is a game winning field goal or extra point you will often see little to no effort displayed by the PAT/FG Block unit.

Why? Well for starters, it’s an emotional play. Think about it. Your defense has just stoped a drive for a touchdown or they just gave up one. Either way, unless the game is on the line, there is a chance your players will let down on your PAT/FG Block unit.

Kickoff Return Reverse? Coach It Carefully…

If your defense just forced a field goal attempt then odds are that there was an emotional third down play by the defense that led to that. Players are celebrating and excited to get off the field. So now in less than 60 seconds or so, some of these same players have to get refocused and prepare to defend a field goal attempt or even a fake.

PAT/FG Block Is An Emotional Play One Way Or The Other

If that same defense has given up a touchdown then you have the exact opposite emotion. The defensive players are upset angry and sometimes even confused about what just happened. They are not looking forward to the coaching they are going to get when they get to the sideline. The result is that thewy often just mail in the effort on the extra point attempt.

Your players will sense how important a play is or is not by the amount of attention and detail the coach puts into it. It all begins with that very first special teams installation meeting. The players have to see that your PAT/FG Block unit is not just getting lined up in the correct spot. They must understand the scheme and the technique to use when the ball is snapped.

This PAT/FG Defense Video Is One Of Six On FirstDown PlayBook

There is a good chance that if you are reading this you have already won or lost a game on this very play this season. It may be a little too late to change your scheme up very much until the off season but you can address your PAT/FG Block team’s effort. You never know who is watching…

For the three of you who do not know we have a special teams clinic video for all six phases. These are sure to help any young special teams coach to even a seasoned veteran. Click on the special teams drawing above to learn how you can get access. Here is a sample outline of the PAT/FG Defense clinic.

PAT/Field Goal Defense Clinic Outline

  1. Effort Play
  2. Substitution
  3. Defending Formations
  4. Sudy Operation/Personnel/Cadence/Alignments/Stances
  5. Technique
    1. Swim
    2. Beach
    3. Sea
    4. Bounce
    5. Skim
    6. Scoop& Score
    7. Drive
    8. Knock
  6. Situations
  7. Video
Special Teams Coach Gerry Gallagher